Pete Kindinger




Twenty years experience leading New Product Development engineering teams for wireless communications, consumer electronics, green energy, and CATV industries.  Built and led teams of Electrical, Software, and Test consulting engineers that developed new products for a broad spectrum of markets, including:

o Bluetooth enabled products

o WiFi Access Points and Devices

o Remote Control, Internet of Things

o LED lighting Devices

o Solar charging

o Voice and Data 2-Way Radios and systems

o RFID, Secure Asset Tracking


Services Provided:

• Engineering Management, emphasis on New Product Development. Form the team, lead the team.  Interface with Marketing, Sales, Customers, Manufacturing, Regulatory Testing.

• New Product Development. Invent the Concept, develop the Detailed Definition, develop the Architecture, estimate the Cost of Engineering, Manufacturing, and Distribution.  Then develop the Design, and transition the design to manufacturing.

• Product planning, product roadmap development. Innovation management, Intellectual Property development

• Product Quality improvement, technical issue resolution. Emphasis on EMI/EMC, noise mitigation, production yield improvement.  Factory failure troubleshooting.


Technical Skills:

• Engineering Management: Electrical, Embedded Software, Automated Test.

o Handheld and Infrastructure.

o Indoor and Outdoor.

o High/Low volume manufacturing.

o Global, multi-site teams.

o Internal and external teams; contractors

o Planning: Project Schedules, Requirements Documents, Presentations

o Development: Schedule Adherence, Cost Tracking, Risk Mitigation

o Completion: Compliance/Quality testing, Factory Test, Production Issues

• Discrete RF Design, including EMI/EMC mitigation, antenna systems, mixed signal design (analog/digital integration).

• Firmware Design– Assembly Language, C



• US Patent #20090149143 Method and Apparatus for Selecting a Radio Channel for Transmitting an Audio Signal to a Local Receiver

• US Patent #20080151867 Method and System for Routing of Media Signals

• US Patent #20080151862 Method and System for Selecting and Multiply Routing Media Stream to a Media Appliance

• US Patent #20030169205 Modular Printed Antenna

• International Patent: High Speed Data Extension Interface for a Modem (Europe, Taiwan, Korea, China, PCT)

• US Patent #6,694,149 Method and Apparatus for Reducing Power Consumption in a Network Device

• US Patent #5,355,518 Receiver with Constant Battery Saving Duty Cycle

• US Patent #5,230,089 Automated Voice Operated Transmitter Control

• US Patent #4,609,884 Level Control for a Voltage Controlled Oscillator